What's next?
- The Joy of Conscious
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Have you ever wondered what happened to those dreams or that boundless
energy you had as a child?  When sheer curiosity kept you from sleeping
and utter absorption with play from resting?

Or can you remember a time before the mantras of 'not enough time', 'not
enough money', and 'not enough energy' became more compelling than just
the sheer joy of living?

Or have you wondered, 'can this be it?' all the while knowing that there's
got to be more?

In coaching we uncover that 'MORE' by asking 'What's next?'.  We
become curious again about those hopes, those, dreams, that boundless
energy.  And the good news is we don't have to 'chuck' what we have and
where we are to join a monastery or an ashram (unless of course that is
part of your 'more').  We simply learn to ask 'What's next?' to rediscover
the joy of conscious living.
Would it be alright with you, if life got easier?
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